Seine River Yard Care


Paver & Slab sidewalks, patios & driveways all offer a surface for enjoyment.  Parking space, relaxing, or just paving the way to a welcoming front door.  We offer qualified installation, with limited lifetime warranties on many of the products we install.

Paver & Slab hardscapes offer colour & quality no other surface can offer, with an overall hardness more than twice that of cement.  Cracking is not an issue, and the ability to relevel after many years & look good as new with the same product is proof alone why pavers stand head & shoulders above the rest.  Pavers have a limited lifetime warranty, while other driveways don’t come close.  Pavers come in an array of stunning colours, and can be sealed to offer the stunning wet look.  Pavers offer a surface to

Seine River Yard Care is a qualified installer, with experienced staff for every paver project.







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