Seine River Yard Care

Spring (Prevention)


Our Spring yard maintenance is designed to help with the prevention of future issues during the summer months. We offer yard cleanup, power raking, vacuuming, aeration, and in some situations power-brooming is required.

Spring service is a busy season for all yard maintenance companies, early booking is recommended, and will ensure your spot on our roster. We start with a basic yard clean-up which involves power raking, vacuuming, and an optional aeration. In some cases, power-brooming might be necessary to remove sand from the lawn & Boulevard.

Power raking involves removing as much thatch as possible, to allow water & fertilizer to get to the surface of the soil. Power Rakes have vertical flail-type blades, removing the thatch that will starve your lawn if it gets too thick. Thatch is the layer of dead grass & roots, which build up over time.

Vacuuming is done to remove the thatch the Power Rake leaves behind, leaving the lawn looking clean and allowing the lawn to breathe.

Aeration is a process of removing small plugs of soil, allowing water and fertilizer to penetrate deeper into the ground. This will encourage deeper root growth, and also helps the grass survive dry conditions. Aeration also helps to loosen compacted soil and is best done before re-seeding.

Power-brooming is a hand-held paddle-like rotary tool, excellent for removing sand and debris from the lawn. This is done before the power rake is used on these areas after sand & debris is hauled away leaving it looking clean.

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